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Why Multiphos 10-25-0 is better than DAP

Multiphos 10-25-0 + TE is a granular Compound NP fertilizer (Chemically Formulated) containing secondary and microelements for direct application to soil or in physical mixtures.

CriteriaMultiphos 10-25-0   DAPAdvantages of Multiphos 10-25-0 vs DAP
Composition10%N, 25% P2O5, 20%CaO, 2% MgO, 6% SO3, 0.1% Zn, 0.1 B, 0.05% Cu18% N, 46% P2O5Multiphos 10-25-0 is a compound fertilizer containing slow release N, protected P and contains Ca, Mg, S, Zn, B & Cu. DAP has only N & P.
                  PhosphorousMultiphos patented technology is a Phosphate unique 3-layer formulation containing 25% P2O5 Protected P in 3 forms: Mono-calcium phosphate for immediate    absorption by plant roots.Di-calcium phosphate for medium term availabilityTri-calcium phosphate for long term availability.  
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46% P2O5              In acidic soil conditions, unprotected Phosphorous in DAP is captured & blocked by Aluminum and Iron oxides, quickly becoming unavailable to the plant. The lower the soil pH, the quicker the P lock up and the lower the potential availability of the applied P (a higher percentage is lost).
In alkaline soils, Phosphorous in DAP is captured by naturally occurring Ca in the soil to form an insoluble CaHPO4 compound. This totally locks up applied P and it is not available for up take by the roots. This reduced efficiency of applied P can be severe with studies showing in some soils over 70% of the applied P from DAP locked up.
Multiphos on the other hand offers protected P in three forms that remain available and usable by the plant throughout the growing season.   What you applied is what the plant can get access to!      
NitrogenDuramon patented technology containing the MCDHS inhibitor slowing the conversion of ureic nitrogen to ammoniacal form, offering a slow release of nitrogen over the growing season.
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Commodity NP fertilizer based on ammoniacal nitrogen.In alkaline soils, increase of pH (from the soil colloids) around a DAP granule triggers volatilization of ammonia (NH3). This contributes to losses of the applied N. The free ammonium in DAP react naturally with hydroxyl ions, OH- in the soil and the resulting imbalance with atmospheric ammonia leads to volatilization and nitrogen loss.
In DAP, ammonia volatilization can harm germinating seeds and young seedlings and it is recommended to be applied separated (below or to the side) from the seed.
Duramon technology provides ureic nitrogen in a slow release form.  
Losses by volatilization and leaching are reduced, ensuring Duramon has a higher efficiency of the applied nitrogen fertilizer units.  
Magnesium    2%zeroMagnesium is essential for chlorophyll formation and plays a key role in photosynthesis process.
Sulphur  6% SO3
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zeroMultiphos contains Protect Technology giving protected and highly efficient Sulphur. This involves providing organic Sulphur with an acid character which enables formation of stable complexed components on the soil solution avoiding phosphorus retrogradation. It also incorporates humic substances that increase the capacity of nutrient retention in the soil (cation exchange capacity CEC), improving its assimilation. Sulphur plays a key role in photosynthesis and has a synergistic effect with Nitrogen.
Sulphur is involved in Chlorophyll & lipids synthesis and is vital in the synthesis of sulfur-containing amino acids which are the protein’s building blocks.    
Zinc  0.1%zeroMultiphos supplies starter Zinc. Zinc helps in regulating early growth and root system development. Zinc is directly involved in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins and therefore the utilization of nitrogen within the plant.  
Boron0.1%ZeroMultiphos supplies starter Boron that is deficient in most Kenyan soils. Whilst Calcium is the trucker of all elements, Boron is the steering wheel.
Boron promotes early shoot growth and is essential for reproductive growth, important in pollination and seed development.
  Cu  0.05%ZeroMultiphos offers a starter-Copper ensuring no deficiency during germination and early growth.
Recommended to be used in soilsIn a wide pH range of soils from 3.5 to 8In alkaline soils from PH 6.5 till 8.5Multiphos 10-25-0 is ideal for Kenyan soils
Rate of application100Kg/acre Multiphos 10-25-0 supplies 22.5-25 Kg  P2O5 considering 90-100% efficiency100 Kg/Ha DAP supplies 14–24 Kg  P2O5 considering 31-52% efficiencyMultiphos 10-25-0 supplies the needed P + Ca + S + Zn at the same time.
Applying 100 kg Multiphos 10-25-0 supplies more  P2O5 than 100 kg of DAP.
 100Kg/acre Multiphos 10-25-0 supplies 10 Kg starter N as slow release with minimum losses100Kg DAP supplies 17Kg N subject to losses.Duramon technology offers continuous N supply with minimal losses

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