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Shade Over® is a medium textured grass much like kikuyu, that keeps its bright green colour throughout the year. It grows best as its name implies in shady areas – ideal for those difficult areas under trees and for townhouse gardens.

Product Details

Shade-Over® is a combination of cool season grasses that have had extensive local trials to ensure that they are suited to our growing conditions. Despite its lush appearance Shade-Over® will tolerate a lot of traffic, provided it is given a chance to become properly established.

The best time to plant Shade-Over® seed is in autumn and spring when the cool temperature aids germination. Prepare the area well by digging it over, breaking up clods and removing any stones. Incorporate 50 g super-phosphate per m² into the soil and spread 30 g of 5:1:5 per m² over the surface. After raking and levelling the area the ground is ready for planting.

The Shade-Over® box also double as a handy sowing device. The seeding rate for Shade- Over® is 1 kg per 25 m². Don’t skimp on this sowing rate as this is a non-creeping grass and any skimping will result in bare patches. Once the seed has been distributed evenly, lightly rake it into the surface and firm down the soil with a roller or by walking over it.

Gently soak the newly sown area and avoid letting any puddles form.   Keep the soil moist and cool by giving it a sprinkle at noon, for about 2 to 3 minutes every day.  Do this for about 4 to 6 weeks allowing the seed to germinate and establish itself. For the next 6 weeks water every 3 to 4 days for longer periods to allow deep root systems to form. After this, you will have an established lawn that only needs water once or twice a week.

The most important aspect of keeping these types of lawn healthy is mowing them at the correct height. If the lawn is in full shade it should be cut no shorter than 50 to 70 mm high and in semi-shade the grass should be about 40 to 50 mm high.

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