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VITAZYME is an all-natural bio stimulant that works through multiple active agents and multiple modes of action. Vitazyme stimulates the indigenous soil microbiota to work more efficiently, thus improving the availability of soil nutrients.

Product Details

VITAZYME is an all-natural, organic bio-stimulant that contains several biological activators of plants and soil organisms. It is an important tool for alleviating poverty, increasing crop yields, crop quality and farm profits by reducing fertilizer and nitrogen applications and by improving crop resistance to drought, soil acidity or salinity and other stresses.

Directions for use

The active agents in Vitazyme include enzymes, vitamins (folate, C) and other powerful growth stimulators such as triacontanol, brassinosteroids, B-vitamins, glucans, glycosides and porphyrins.

Vitazyme can be applied to the seed, the crop foliage or directly to the soil by any practical method.

It is best applied early in the crop cycle due to its cascade effect of enzyme production within the plant.

Apply Vitazyme to the seeds, seedlings, transplant roots, or root stock before planting .

  1. spray or mix the concentrate on the seeds at an equivalent rate of 0.5L/ha
  2. dip or spray seeds in a 5% Vitazyme solution; dry before planting,
  3. apply 1 L/Ha Vitazyme directly on potato seeds at planting.
  1. Dip or spray transplant roots in a 1 to 2% Vitazyme solution before planting.
Tree and shrub planting
  1. Dip bare root stock in a 1 to 2% Vitazyme solution before planting
  2. apply 1L Vitazyme in 200 L water and soak into the planting hole and root zone.
    • Apply Vitazyme to the foliage and/or soil at a rate of 1L/Ha. Recommended timings of the applications are in general terms:
Field crops

Short-cycle crops (<45 days): at planting and within 7 days of emergence

Medium-cycle crops (45 to 120 days): at planting and 60 days after emergence (or at flowering or midseason). A third spray can be done at 90 days.

Long-term crops (pastures, hay, and some vegetables(>120 days): at planting and thereafter every 60 days during active growth.

For hay & silage: at emergence and then after each cut.

Tree crops: Coffee, avocadoes, mangoes, bananas, citrus, tea, miraa

AppIy 1L/Ha. Depending on the harvest and pruning cycle up to four applications per year can be made.

Floricultural Crops

Roses, carnations, summer flowers, nursery and seedling propagation houses

Apply 1L/Ha as a spray or through the drip. The application of Vitazyme will speed of the early growth and enable earlier bud pinching, topping. Apply once per flush or up to six times per year. In propagation houses Vtazyme can be misted onto the leaf and soil surfaces.


All vegetables, herbs, berries, tomatoes, onions, melons, cabbages, peppers, chillies, root crops, house plants, lawns and gardens.

Apply 1L/Ha as a spray or through the irrigation system. Apply to the leaves and soil every 30 to 45 days during active growth.

Treat seeds and transplants as described above.

Recommended rates for different stage of growth
Stage of growthDosage
Seed treatment5mIs/100mls water/1Kg seed
Before planting (Drench)200mIs/20Lts water Knapsack
At transplanting (Root dip)200mls/20Lts water Knapsack
Vegetative20mIs/20Lts water Knapsack
Before flowering20mIs/20Lts water Knapsack
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