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Lachlan Kenya Limited is a Top 100 SME Award recipient and a leading regional distributor of agro-input solutions based in Nairobi, Kenya – specializing in seeds, crop nutrition, crop protection and public health.


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Overview – Structure & markets of operation

Unifert Group is a multi-million-dollar asset agro-technology conglomerate headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with operations in three continents spanning across 16 cities in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Unifert Group is owned by the highly-acclaimed Obegi Group, the Hrechdakian Family and Sami Maroun.

The group’s operations are split into two, namely: Unifert International and Unifert Holding.

Unifert International

Unifert International is the group’s Euro-Asia trade & distribution bureau operating from the main office in Brussels, while also running offices in Athens (Greece), Bordeaux (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Warendorf (Germany) handling financial consolidation, audit and general management.

Unifert Holding

Unifert Holding leverages on the group’s extensive agro-input manufacturing expertise, global supply chains, and trade relation networks to advocate for the use new-age farm practises, leading new market penetration efforts and working to fortify the group’s position within the Middle East and Africa regions as a market leader.

Unifert Holding operates offices in Beirut (Lebanon), Nairobi (Kenya), Juba (South Sudan), Algiers (Algeria), Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Cairo (Egypt), Amman (Jordan), Rabat (Morocco), Damascus (Syria) and Baghdad (Iraq) amongst others.

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Unifert & Lachlan – A partnership for growth

In 2007, the Unifert Group acquired a majority stake in Lachlan Kenya Limited, buying 75% of Lachlan’s shares. The remaining 25% is held by local shareholders.

This ground-breaking partnership was actualised against a backdrop of several months of negotiations and talks between Dow AgroSciences and Unifert Group who were both keen on expanding and breaking new ground within the East African market by leveraging on Lachlan’s existing market knowledge and distribution channels.

At the time, Unifert was a preferred agro-input distributor within Northern Africa & the Middle East while Lachlan had made a name for itself within East Africa importing and re-distributing agro-input solutions to dealers in Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

The partnership between Lachlan & Unifert was not just about shared business interests or similarity in ideologies or values. It was, at it’s very core, about giving the continent a strategic boost in its food security journey while advancing environmental conservation through the use of sustainable, eco-friendly agro-input solutions.

The partnership brought about stability and unlocked new ventures for both parties as Unifert & Lachlan leveraged on each other’s networks, operational muscle and expertise – giving rise to one of Kenya’s leading agricultural input distributors.

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Lachlan Kenya Limited – A Unifert Group Company –commonly referred to as Lachlan, is a Top 100 SME Award recipient (Class of 2019) and a leading regional distributor of agro-input solutions based in Nairobi, Kenya specializing in seeds, crop nutrition, crop protection and public health.

Lachlan was founded in 2000 to address a growing demand for affordable, eco-friendly and world-class agro-input solutions within the Kenyan market.

The company takes a quadripartite approach involving farmers, dealers, governments and non-state actors in the sourcing, processing and delivery of its products – distributing some of Kenya’s most preferred brands of seeds, crop nutrition & public health products.

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