Biofuerza is an organic Biofertilizer destined to obtain the integral nutrition of the rhizosphere.

Product Details

Biofuerza is a product based on precursor substances of the development of microorganisms, in order to increase the physiological processes that influence the yield of the crops and guarantee biological productivity, economically and ecologically successful, without contamination of the environment.

Main Characteristics
  • Contribution of macro and micronutrients.
  • Raw materials from controlled aerobic composting (Traceability).
  • Incorporation of humic acids, vegetable origin with high biological activity.
  • Complex and chelated microelements.
  • Rhizospheric activator.
FormulationsN totalN OrganicP2O5 soluble in citrate neutral ammonia and waterP2O5 soluble only in mineral acidsK2OOrganic carbon (C)Humic Acids
Biofuerza Lachlan44165,5333202
Biofuerza Lachlan 12132,5395202
Biofuerza Lachlan21254,53210202
Agronomic Benefits
  • It covers the nutritional needs of the crops.
  • Reduction of the contributions of inert substances, ensuring maximum use.
  • Rapid action energy input for your crops and soil, enhancing the beneficial microbial population.
  • Increased nutrient retention and mobilization capacity, as well as water retention.
  • Reduction of deficiencies caused by the blocking of micronutrients.
  • It enhances the fertility of soils, increasing their productive potential.
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