Crop Nutrition

Calcimax Lachlan

Calcimax is a liquid Calcium complex for use as a foliar nutrient on various crops to prevent or correct Calcium…

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Fercristal 202020 Lachlan Kenya
FERCRISTAL 20:20:20 + TE

Crystalline fertilizer NPK, fully soluble, balance 1-1-1 with micronutrients, to encourage the vegetative growth, the consistency of shoots, root development…

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Bafer Lachlan
Bafer 6% Fe-EDDHA

Bafer 6% Fe-EDDHA is a preventive and curative treatment for Iron deficiency in agricultural and horticultural crops.

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Siapton Lachlan

SIAPTON is a biological product containing peptides, polypeptides and amino acids. SIAPTON improves many physiological processes of plants, being an…

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Vitazyme Lachlan

VITAZYME is an all-natural bio stimulant that works through multiple active agents and multiple modes of action. Vitazyme stimulates the…

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Biofuerza is an organic Biofertilizer destined to obtain the integral nutrition of the rhizosphere.

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DuraSOP Lachlan

DuraSOP contains protected Nitrogen and Phosphorus, with Magnesium, Sulphur, microelements and Potassium Sulphate

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