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Why Duramon 30 is better than CAN

Duramon 30 is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer enriched with sulphur, zinc and magnesium that are necessary for photosynthesis.

CriteriaDuramon 30CANAdvantages of  Duramon 30 vs CAN
Composition30%N, 1% K2O, 20% SO3, 2.2% MgO, 0.1%Zn27%N, 6% CaODuramon 30 is a specialty product with new technology while CAN is a commodity. It combines N, S, Zn and Mg that are key for photosynthesis and being presented in the same molecule ensures synergies to plant colour and growth that are clearly visible after application. CAN only supplies N in a leachable form and the roots must hunt for the missing elements.  
NitrogenDuramon patented technology containing the MCDHS inhibitor slowing the conversion of ureic nitrogen to ammoniacal form, offering a slow release of nitrogen.  
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27% rapid release nitrogen in ammonium (13.5%) and nitrate (13.5%) forms.  Duramon technology provides available nitrogen throughout the crop cycle, eliminating ‘Hidden Hunger’. Duramon 30 efficiently supplies more units of N per kg applied hence can better performance at lower rate. 0.9 Kg Duramon = 1 Kg CAN (not factoring in losses). As the losses by volatilization and leaching are reduced, Duramon has a higher efficiency of the nitrogen fertilizer units contributed. With better nutrient utilization and minimal losses, Duramon 30 only needs one application while CAN requires at least two splits with increased application costs.  
Sulphur20%  ZeroDuramon 30 supplies Sulphur, CAN doesn’t. Sulphur is involved in Chlorophyll & lipids synthesis. Sulphur is vital in the synthesis of sulfur-containing amino acids which are the protein’s building blocks.( Nitrogen-Sulphur synergistic effect)  
Magnesium  2.2%  ZeroDuramon 30 supplies magnesium, CAN doesn’t. Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll formation and plays a key role in photosynthesis process.  
Zinc  0.1%  ZeroDuramon 30 supplies Zinc, CAN doesn’t. Zinc is directly involved in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins and therefore the utilization of nitrogen within the plant.  
Soil acidificationWith slow release technology and better nutrient use efficiency Duramon 30 has minimal acidifying potential to the soils.Rapid release with higher acidifying potential.CAN is formulated from Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Carbonate. The quick release of Ammonium leads to more soil acidification and lower nutrient availability and efficiency causing lower yields  
Recommended to be used in soilsCan be used in wide range of soils from pH 4.5 to 8.5.In alkaline soils from PH 6.5 till 8.5Duramon 30 can be used across all soils whereas CAN is best applied in higher pH soils.    
Rate of application200 Kg/Ha Duramon 30 supplies 60 kg N efficiently. No losses of N through leaching or volatilization- thanks to Duramon technology!250 Kg/Ha supplies 67.5 Kg N subject up to 40% losses due to leaching and volatilization, hence supplying around 40 kg N only.    Duramon technology offers continuous N supply with minimal losses across the entire growing season.     
Cost comparison200 Kg/Ha X 0.75$/Kg = $150/Ha Duramon 30 supplies: 60 kg Nitrogen40 kgs SO34.4 kgs MgO   2.0 kgs K2O0.2 kgs  Zn.  To supply 60kg N from CAN, you will need to apply 375kg costing 375 Kg/ Ha X 0.4$/ Kg= $150.    Conclusion: Duramon 30 offers better nutrient use efficiency and thus giving more value since there are no losses. It also offers extra value from Mg, S and Zn which are key for photosynthesis and thus increased production.

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