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Huwa-San is a powerful, highly effective, broad-spectrum disinfectant that is both stable, safe and highly recommended for the disinfection of water features & fountains it is suitable for commercial and domestic customers.

Product Details

Huwa-San is a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which is stabilised using a proprietary ionic silver based chemistry.

When correctly applied to water, air or any surface, Huwa-San will disinfect through an oxidisation process and continue to safely provide excellent residual performance.

Huwa-San is chlorine and alcohol-free, with no corrosive effects on usual materials of construction during application. After use, it simply degrades into harmless water and oxygen.

Product Benefits
  • Broad spectrum high-performance biocide effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould and spore formers
  • Efficacy against Legionella pneumophila
  • Environmentally friendly – practically 100% degradable breaking down to water and oxygen … (2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2)
  • Does not create odour or alter the taste of foodstuffs treated
  • Effectiveness and long-term effects are seen even at very high water temperatures
  • Assessed as safe for consumption at the recommended dose rate
  • No carcinogenic or mutagenic effect
  • Does not react with ammonium-ions – no ‘breakpoint’
  • By adding oxygen, anaerobic conditions in the cooling water are largely avoided, thus preventing the growth of sulphate-reducing bacteria (formation of corrosive hydrogen sulphide – 4 H2 + SO42- S2- + 4 H2O)
  • Long-term effectiveness: reliably prevents recontamination
  • Toxicology: harmless, neither carcinogenic nor mutagenic
  • Storability: very long, max. loss of concentration 3% per year
  • Corrosion: very low corrosive effect at recommended dose rate
  • Measurement and regulation – complete installation programme available
  • Expenditure for equipment resp. investment costs: negligible
  • Operating costs: low
  • Irrigation water disinfectant
  • Removal of biofilm in water systems (Sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, circulation water)
  • Disinfection of surfaces, floors, walls, and equipment in agriculture (greenhouses, hydroculture, hydroponics etc.)
  • Substrate disinfection
  • Surface disinfection of entire greenhouses by product vapourisation (“fogging”)
Intended users

Greenhouses, hydroculture, horticulture, floriculture, juvenile producers, seed growers etc.

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