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Insecticide for the control of Thrips, False codling moths (FCM) and Caterpillars on Roses and thrips on Carnations.

Product Details

Delegate 250 WG is a foliar insecticide for the control of thrips, false codling moths and caterpillars on roses and thrips on carnations. Its active ingredient, spinetoram, is derived from the fermentation of Saccharopolyspora spinosa, a naturally occurring soil organism. It controls insects both by contact and ingestion while providing a long residual effect at low use rates.


Delegate 250WG should be mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray with ground equipment suitable for conventional insecticide spraying.

Avoid drift into other crops, grazing lands, rivers, dams or other areas that are not under treatment. Keep by- standers out of the area being treated. Do not spray in windy conditions.

Timing of Application

For determining when to spray, scout with enough regularity to monitor the

population size of the labeled pest. Treat when pests appear, targeting eggs at hatching or the small larvae.

Crop Pest Rate Timing of application/Remarks
Roses, Carnations150g/HaThrips spp.Ensure a maximum of 3 sprays in a season. (you
(15g/100L of(Frankliniellaare only allowed 2 consecutive sprays of
 water)occidentalis)Delegate 250WG.) Repeat applications should
  False codlingnot be less than 4 days apart.
  mothEnsure thorough coverage.
 100g/HaCaterpillarsSpray volume = 1000 L/ha
 (10g/100L of  
Re-entry period:

Treated fields should not be re-entered until the spray deposit on plant surfaces has dried, unless protective clothing is worn or after 4 hours.

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