Cuprocaffaro Lachlan


Contact fungicide with preventive action against Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Disease in Coffee, anthracnose in beans and blight in tomatoes and potatoes

Product Details

Cuprocaffaro is a green wettable powder fungicide for the preventative control of Coffee Berry Disease (CBD), Coffee Leaf rust and against early and late blight in potatoes and tomatoes, anthracnose, bean rust, bacterial blight in cucurbits and brassicas rusts, leaf spot and anthracnose in ornamentals/flowers.

Copper 0xychloride………………………… 50% W/W

Mode of action

Foliar fungicide with preventive action

  • Well known brand name
  • Highly micronised formulation
  • Low phytotoxicity mixability with other pesticides
  • High copper content
  • Long shelf-life
  • Compatibility: compatible with most neutral or slightly alkaline pesticides. Neutral insecticides should be added last to the spray tank. However, tank mixtures will be at user’s risk.
Recommendations for use
CropDiseaseRateSpray interval
CoffeeCoffee Berry Disease (CBD)7.7Kg/ Ha (140g/ 20L) (105g/ 15L)4 weeks
 Leaf rust3.8Kg/ Ha (70g/ 20L) (50g/ 15L)3 weeks
PotatoesEarly & Late blights3-6Kg/ Ha (90g/ 20L) (60 g/ 15 Lt)Apply at 7-10 days interval when plants are six inches high until harvest
TomatoesEarly & Late blights2-3Kg/ Ha (50g/ 20L) (40 g/ 15 Lt)Apply prior to disease appearance and repeat at 7-10 days interval
BeansBean Rust2-3Kg/ Ha (50g/ 20L) (40g/ 15L)Apply prior to disease appearance and repeat at 7-10 days interval

NB: Use 1000L of water per Ha

Timing of application

As a preventive fungicide, start spraying before the rains and continue during the rainy season in spray intervals recommended above depending upon the disease severity and rainfall condition.

Preparation of the spray

Mix the required quantity of Cuprocaffaro in one third (1/3) of the necessary amount of water while constantly agitating. Mix into slurry and top up with the remaining amount of water, constantly agitating. Even while spraying constant agitation is necessary. Spray to give an even coverage. Use the spray on the same day of its preparation.

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