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BIOXX 5000 Broad Spectrum Biocide


BIOXX 5000 is a liquid, stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2).  It is a broad-spectrum biocide which is bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, viricidal and algaecidal.

Although “chlorine” appears in the name chlorine dioxideharmful chlorine is not involved in any of the environmentally friendly Chlorine Dioxide reaction pathways. Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite (precursor) are strictly oxidants, like other pure oxidants where oxidation occurs, not halogenation.

Chlorine Dioxide is environmentally friendly and leaves no residue on produce and/or surfaces.

Chlorine Dioxide is a true dissolved gas in solution.

Key uses as a broad spectrum oxidizing biocide
  • Nursery water treatment:
    • Shock treatment: use 4 liters Bioxx 5000 per 1000 liters of water (0.4%)
    • Maintenance: Use 500 milliliters to 1Litre Bioxx 5000 per 1000 liters of water (0.05 to 0.1%)
  • Soil sterilization
    • Treatment against soil pathogens e.g. Phytophthora, Fusarium, Erwinia, Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis etc.
    • Soil Drenching:  Use 40 to 50 litres Bioxx 5000 per 10 000 litres of water (0.4 to 0.5%) per 2,000²m soil typically applied for 6 to 8 minutes.
  • Sanitizer for growing medium:
    • These include perlite, vermiculite, peat, pomice etc.
    • Use 1 to 2 liters Bioxx 5000 per 100 liters of water (1 to 2%)
  • Hydroponics
    • Shock treatment: Use 4 liters Bioxx 5000 per 1000 liters of water (0.4%)
    • Maintenance: Use 2 liters Bioxx 5000 per 1000 liters of water (0.2%)
  • Treatment of algae and wet walls:
    • Shock Treatment:  Use 1 to 2 litres Bioxx 5000 per 100 litres of water (1 to 2% solution)
    • Maintenance:  Use 3 to 5 litres per 1,000 litres of water (0.3 to 0.5% soln.) weekly or as the situation requires.
  • Hard surface sanitization:
    • These include floors, walls, working Surfaces, pots, implements
    • Use 1- 2 litres Bioxx 5000 per 100 litres of water (1-2%)
  • Paths sterilization
    • Used in sterilizing of paths or soil between the rows, helping drop thrips pupation at 2 Litres Bioxx 5000 in 100 litres  of water.
Other uses include:
  • Roots sanitization
  • Sterilizing of cuttings and seedlings during planting
  • Leaf and fruit surface sanitation
  • Surface sterilization of bulbs, tubers and seeds
  • Washing fruit and vegetables
  • Cold Storage, hydro and evaporative coolers sanitation
  • Disinfection and deodorization of drains, etc. – all hard
  1. Oxidizing Biocide
  2. Easy to use
  3. Versatile
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Noncorrosive at use levels
  6. Use at low concentrations
  7. Biofilm removal
  1. Broad Spectrum Activity
  2. Not ph. dependent.  Ph2 to ph12
  3. E.P.A (USA) approval
  4. Saves wear and tear on equipment
  5. Cost effective, 5-100ppm dose rates
  6. Minimizes postharvest contamination
  • Un-activated Bioxx 5000 appears as clear liquid which is colorless and odorless.
  • Activated Bioxx 5000 appears as a fluorescent greenish-yellow color with a pungent odour.
  • Specific Gravity @25 EC – 1.04
  • Solubility in water – complete

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