Fludora Fusion


Product description

Fludora® Fusion has been developed specifically for vector control applications; it is the first product intended for indoor residual spraying campaigns which combines two unrelated modes of action, providing optimum effectiveness under conditions of insecticide resistance. The dual mode of action provides more robust and consistent residual activity compared to either active ingredient applied alone.

Active Ingredients

Clothianidin 500 g/kg; Deltamethrin 62.5 g/kg

Application rate

One 100 g sachet per 10 L sprayer or 80 g sachet per 8 L sprayer

  • e.g. 1 kg of Fludora® Fusion fills 10 x 10 L spray tanks
  • 20 structures can be sprayed with 1 kg (10 sachets) of Fludora® Fusion
    (assuming two structures are sprayed per 10 L sprayer)

Key features

  • Introduces clothianidin, from a new insecticide family for Public Health and a new mode of action for malaria vector control.
  • Contains two unrelated modes of action – providing robust and consistent performance against various resistant mosquito strains.
  • Provides strong residual activity across a range of relevant surfaces including mud – as good as or better than current alternatives.
  • Available in small-volume, unit-dose sachets

Key benefits

  • Beneficial for resistance management, provides relief from reliance on the four traditional insecticide classes in malaria vector control.
  • Provides strong activity against mosquitoes even under conditions of pyrethroid resistance. The presence of a second mode of action helps to slow down the potential development of resistance to clothianidin.
  • Provides effective long term control of malaria vectors.
  • Eases the logistical burden of transporting large volumes of liquid formulations.