Premise 200SC


Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 200g/l

Key Product Facts
  1. Proven termite protection
  2. Excellent all round value
  3. Fewer complaints
  4. Long-term termite protection
  5. No odour
  6. Recommended by architects for new buildings and large projects
  7. Unique colony management – to provide maximum estate protection
Areas of use
  1. Road construction
  2. Airport runway construction
  3. Pre and post construction treatment
  4. Perimeter treatment
  5. Termite mounds
  1. Highly effective, long-lasting active ingredient imidacloprid.
  2. A unique chemistry that binds to the soil and won’t wash away.
  3. Non-repellent termiticide with transfer effect.
  4. Broad label flexibility saves time and labour.
  1. Subterranean wood destroying termites.
  2. Ants.

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