Runal F1


Product Details

RUNAL F1 has strong foliage and field tolerances to foliar disease are most likely key for the consistency of performances. In addition to the bulb quality, uniformity and size, RUNAL F1 bring together a wide spectrum of features that required by growers and/or retailers.
Last but not least, RUNAL F1 is very grower friendly with its tolerance to hot and tropical growing conditions.

Added Value

  • Early maturity
  • Large bulbs
  • Consistent yield and quality
  • Performs well under hot and tropical growing conditions


  • Grows in various conditions; tolerates hot and tropical conditions
  • High yield potential
  • Strong root system


  • Almost globe bulb shape, slightly flattened
  • Very nice dark red skin color
  • Glossy skin
  • Very good firmness, ships well


  • Early maturity


  • PRR
  • Tolerance to heat and foliar diseases