Multiphos Fertilizer Lachlan 10250

Multiphos 10-25-0 + TE

Basal fertilizer designed for acidic to pH neutral soils (pH 4.2 - pH 6.5) for providing efficient Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Zinc & starter Copper.

Product Details

Multiphos 10-25-0 + TE is a granular Compound NP fertilizer (Chemically Formulated) containing secondary and microelements for direct application to soil or in physical mixtures. It ensures a greater homogeneity of the elements in the mixture.

DuraPhos Technology

The product contains both Duramon Technology to protect the Nitrogen from leaching & volatilization and Multiphos Technology that protects controlled-release Phosphorous from lockup.

Total Nitrogen (N)10.0 %
Total Phosphorous Pentoxide (P205)25.0 %
Total Magnesium Oxide (MgO)2.0 %
Total Calcium Oxide (CaO)19.0 %
Total Sulphur Trioxide (SO3)9.0 %
  • Protected P: No Al or Fe lock up in acidic soils.
  • Slow release N: No leaching or volatilization of N in dry planting soils or in high rainfall areas.
  • Calcium: Acting as a soil improver and as a quick calcium source for the plant in acidic soils. Essential for maize, sorghum, potatoes and fruiting crops.
  • Magnesium: is the powerhouse behind photosynthesis.
  • Sulphur: Balanced with the nitrogen to enable optimal nutritional benefits and utilization of the nitrogen. Essential for all crops. especially for canola, wheat and field crops.
  • Copper: Starter-Copper in DuraPhos ensures no deficiency during germination and early growth, sustaining the plant until there is enough leaf surface to absorb a foliar applied Cu spray.
  • Zinc: Helps regulate early growth and root system development. Especially important for maize and is vital for fruit and seed.
Application Rate
100Kg/acre Multiphos 10-25-0 supplies 22.5-25 Kg  P2O5 considering 90-100% efficiency
100Kg/acre Multiphos 10-25-0 supplies 10 Kg starter N as slow release with minimum losses
What are the main characteristics of DURAMON

DURAMON technology, contains the Mono Carbamide Dihydrogen Sulfate molecule (MCDHS) inhibitor of® the conversion of ureic nitrogen to ammoniacal.

DURAMON technology provides available Nitrogen throughout the crop cycle, thus eleminating Hidden Hunger. of the fertilizer units contributed, as the losses by volatilization and leaching are reduced.

What are the main characteristics of MULTIPHOS

Triple action Phosphorous for maximum uptake.

  • Monocalcium phosphate, water soluble and quick absorption by plants roots.
    • Dicalcium phosphate, for medium term solubilisation.
    • Tricalcium phosphate, for long-term availability.
    • Adequate mix of different sources of phosphates
  • High content of water soluble Phosphorus (P2O5)
  • Rich in Calcium (Ca) acting as an acid soil Conditioner
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