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Runner® 240 SC

A suspension concentrate selective contact and stomach insecticide (moult accelerating compound) for the control of Diamond-Back Moth, Cabbage sawfly, Spodoptera spp. on cabbages and roses.

Product Details

Runner® 240 SC is a molt accelerating compound (MAC) insecticide effective against Diamond-Back Moth (DBM), swfly, and Spodoptera spp. on cabbage and Spodoptera spp. on Roses.

Being and antagonist of the insect molting hormone 20 hydroxyecdysone, it is absorbed into the insect’s circulatory system and binds with the ecdysone receptor. Feeding stops within hours of exposure and disruption of normalmolt cycle prevents larva from shedding its old cuticle resulting in starvation, dehydration and death within a few days.

Larva exposed to a sublethal dose often die during pupal stage or emerge as sterile adults. Its high specificity to lepidopterous insects makes it safe to beneficial insects of the orders Hymenoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Heteroptera, Neuroptera and mites.


Application timing of Runner® 240 SC is active through ingestion; therefore applicatons should be made when the target pests are actively feeding.

Application Rate
CropPestApplication Rate L/HaProduct Rate/20LSpray Volume L/Ha
CabbagesDiamond-Back Moth, Cabbage sawfly, Spodoptera spp.0.5L10ml1000L
RosesSpodoptera spp.0.5L10ml1000L

7 – 14 Days for Cabbage

Re-entry Period

6 hours

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