K-Othrine Lachlan

K-Othrine WG 250

A water dispersible granule containing a residual contact pyrethroid with a good residuality on most surfaces. A broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticide for residual surface application.

Product Details

Key product facts
  • A reliable water dispersible granule insecticide for Residual Sprays.
  • Good residuality on most surfaces.
  • Broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticide for residual surface application.
  • One 20 g sachet is enough to cover up to 500 m² surface.
  • Reduced bulk thus reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Better mixing characteristics than wettable powders.

Malaria-transmitting and nuisance mosquitoes, sand flies, flies, fleas and bed bugs.

Active Ingredients

Deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 250 g/kg

Residual action

The residual activity of K-Othrine WG 250 as per WHOPES is 3 – 6 months.

Application Rate
 Insects ConditionsK-Othrine® WG 250WaterApplication Rate
CRAWLING INSECTS. Public Health Insects e.g. bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches. Stored Product InsectsChronic infestations where re-invasion is likely and long residual control is necessary5.0 g (10x Ezi-dose)5 Litres5 L/100 m2
  1.0 g (2x Ezi-dose)1 Litre1 L/20 m2
 Clean up treatment of isolated infestations2.5 g (5x Ezi-dose)5 Litres5 L/100 m2
  0.5g (1x Ezi-dose)1 Litre1 L/20 m2
FLYING INSECTS. e.g. flies, mosquitoes and moths. 2.5 g (5x Ezi-dose)5 Litres5 L/100 m2
  0.5g (1x Ezi-dose)1 Litre1 L/20 m2
Resistance management

Strategies for avoiding and/or managing the development of resistance are provided as follows:

  • Where possible, application treatments should be recommended to be combined with nonchemical measures.
  • Applications should always be made against the most susceptible stages in the pest life cycle.
  • Where an extended period of control is required, treatments should be alternated with products with different mode of action.
  • Levels of effectiveness should be monitored, and instances of reduced effectiveness should be investigated for possible evidence of resistance, noting that sanitary conditions and proximity of untreated refuges can contribute to the risk of reinfestation.
  • In cases where label rates, correctly applied, fail to give the expected level of control and resistance is demonstrated, use of any product containing active substance with the same mode of action should cease.
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