Topshot 60 OD


Product Details

Mode of action

Topshot 60 OD is a combination of two active i.e Cyhalofop Butyl and Penoxsulam with two different modes action. Penoxaulam: Belongs to HRAC Group: B – Inhibition of acetolactate synthase ALS (acetohydroxyacid synthase AHAS).

Cyhalofop-butyl: Belongs to HRAC Group : A – Inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase)

Cyhalofop-butyl is a systemic herbicide that interferes with fatty acid synthesis within grasses. By depriving the plant of needed lipids, cell division at the plant meristem is inhibited.


60 Days RE-ENTRY PERIOD: Sprayed field can be re-entered after the spray has dried.

quired level and mix or agitate thoroughly to uniformity. Ensure that the spray mlxture is used the same day.

Weed resistance management

Topshot 60OD, is a comblnatlon of 2 active substances, Penoxsulam: Belongs to HRAC Group: B

Cyhalofop-butyl: Belongs to HRAC Group: A – InhIbItIon of acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase)