Ceylon Onion Seeds


Product Details

CEYLON has higher percentage single center bulbs, has excellent plant vigour and good root development.


  • Medium maturing (75 days)
  • Medium sized uniform and flat globe shaped bulbs
  • High disease resistance to pink root and intermediate resistance to basal rot diseases
  • Excellent internal and external deep red colour
  • Potential yield – 23tons/acre
  • High percentage (>90%) with single centered bulbs
  • Has thin neck


  • Strong healthy bulbs and root system
  • Has high bolting tolerance in short day markets
  • Quick to mature for market
  • Has pink root and basal rot resistances


  • High yield and less use of chemicals due to resistance to Pink root and basal rot ensures ROI by the grower
  • No bolting leads to 100% bulb formation of each plant
  • Excellent grade out due to uniformity of bulbs
  • Long shelf life due to thin neck leading to excellent curing after maturity
  • Great onion for making onion rings because of its single center growth habit

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