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Roses Lachlan
Fidelity 400 WDG a tool for IRM programs

At Lachlan Kenya Limited, we understand that crops require a conducive environment for them to yield to their potential in any production system. This environment is made of both biotic and abiotic factors such as pests and diseases, climate, soils or media, the farming activities in the areas surrounding the subject farms, the nature of…

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Runner 240SC
Runner 240 SC

RUNNER 240 SC is a molting acceleration product and is most effective after being ingested by young larvae, it also has good ovicidal effect.

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Runal F1 Lachlan
Onion Runal F1

Runal F1 was trialed in the Kenyan market in 2018 and 2019 across all major onion growing belts from Kajiado, Isiolo, Laikipia, Nakuru, West Pokot and Mt. Elgon.

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False Codling Moth Lachlan
Controlling False Codling Moth (FCM)

The pest has a 30-174 days lifecycle and can produce 2 to 10 generations in a year laying up to 800 eggs depending on multiple factors including temperature, food availability and quality, and humidity.

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Huwa San Lachlan
HUWA-SAN, the future of disinfection is here!

Water is a natural reservoir and conduit of plant pathogens that, if untreated, rapidly spread diseases such as Verticillium, Phytophthora, Agrobacteria, Ecoli, Botrytis amongst others through the crop. Biofilms build up in drip lines, both feeding and protecting the pathogenic bacteria and fungi, clogging drip emitters, disrupting uniform irrigation and plant growth.

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Termites Lachlan Kenya
Termites – The real enemies of progress!

Your home could be under attack right now by not just one attacker but thousands of tiny ‘terrorists’. You can’t see these terrorists but they are there in your house, backyard and maybe even in your furniture. They cause fires and computer breakdowns by chewing cables as they search for wood, they attack concrete/brick buildings…

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Red Onions Lachlan
General tips for onion production

Day length All short day onion varieties require a photoperiod (day length) of between 10 – 12 h for bulb initiation; for instance, if a variety is exposed to a shorter than required photoperiod, there will be a high percentage of non-bulbing plants with thick necks. If a variety is exposed to a longer than…

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Emerald F1 Lachlan
Why choose Emerald F1 Hybrid Tomato?

Due to its good tolerance to Bacterial Wilt, Emerald F1 has been the variety of choice for tomato growers in Kirinyaga, Homabay and parts of Western Kenya, which are areas known to have high infestations of the disease.

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Why use Albion

Albion is a pioneering new product that can reduce physiological disorders, improve flower set, fruit holding, and improves firmness and shelf life of fruit and vegetable crops.

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Wheat Lachlan
Wheat Growing Stages

Identification of plants growth stages is important to enable timely crop management decisions that maximize yields and profitability. It also enables timely pests and nutrition management.

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Phytotoxicity Lachlan
Phytotoxity Management

Phytotoxicity is defined as a delay of seed germination, inhibition of plant growth or any adverse effect on plants caused by specific substances (phytotoxins) or growing conditions.

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