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MicroQuel-Amin B Mo

MicroQuel-Amin B Mo is an organic biostimulant and corrector of deficiencies of Boron (Ethanolamine) and Molybdenum.

Product Details

Main Characteristics
  • Biostimulant effect, due to the presence in its formulation of fast-absorbing free amino acids, and it significantly prevents and corrects boron and molybdenum deficiencies.
  • Its application enhances the vital processes of crops such as sprouting, flowering and fruit set.
  • It contains the EFIFOL® Complex, composed of organic substances giving the formula properties that ensure efficiency through foliar application, achieving a surfactant effect, penetrating and persistent.
Formulation (w/w)Free Amino AcidsBMoNpHViscosity

Aminogram: Ala,Arg,Asp,Cys,Gly,Glu,Hyp,His,Iso,Leu,Lys,Met,Phe,Pro,Ser,Tyr,Thr,Val

Agronomic Benefits
  • Activation of plant growth and development due to its energy contribution (AMINOACIDS).
  • High absorption rate of nutrients, reduction lost through evaporation and washing (EFIFOIL®)
  • Rapid translocation of the elements inside the plant.
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