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HUWA-SAN, the future of disinfection is here!

Farming conditions have evolved greatly over the last decade, and those in the Export Flower and Vegetable business understand that pathogen free water, from irrigation and foliar spray to washing and post-harvest standing solutions, is an important driver of quality in ornamentals, fruit, vegetables, and herbs that are destined for distant markets

Water is a natural reservoir and conduit of plant pathogens that, if untreated, rapidly spread diseases such as Verticillium, Phytophthora, Agrobacteria, Ecoli, Botrytis amongst others through the crop. Biofilms build up in drip lines, both feeding and protecting the pathogenic bacteria and fungi, clogging drip emitters, disrupting uniform irrigation and plant growth. Common monthly cleanouts of the drip line with the purged biofilm gunk clearly visible at the drip pipe ends shows how contaminated lines become in just four weeks. But that interval leaves 4 weeks of drip line contamination to the detriment of the crop yield and quality. Cost, economics and a lack of ‘on-farm’ measurable, verifiable water and line contamination has limited drip line cleaning durations.

This has now changed with the introduction by Lachlan Kenya of Huwa-San TR 50, a powerful, stable disinfectant, developed by Roam Technology of Belgium, used extensively across the world including Holland in its Roses and Ornamental industry.

Huwa-San is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide formulation with its concentration in water systems measurable with simple test papers.

Why is this important?

Huwa San Lachlan

The parts per million (PPM) drop of the active as it moves down the drip line indicates the pipe and water contamination. If 40 PPM is applied and the end of the line dripper shows zero PPM, the entire active has reacted with biofilm and organic contaminants in the system and there is still a problem. The target is to have clean pipes, enabling (bi) weekly low application rates of 10 to 20 PPM with the last dripper showing the same Huwa-San concentration of 10-20 PPM as the head tank.

Simple PPM verification with the test paper enables growers to sleep easy with the security of growing pathogen free crops that meet even the toughest export hygiene requirements.

Simple PPM verification enables growers to drop the application rates, enabling frequent (in Holland – daily) applications that reduce costs yet ensure sustainability.

FUN FACT: HUWA-SAN does not affect or kill any of the beneficial microbe (natural or applied) in the soil.

HUWA-SAN: Save money, save your crop!

Get a detailed description of how HUWA-SAN works in our next newsletter. Can’t wait?.. Contact Jack Masawa on +254722975435 or email


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