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Out goes Gladiator 4TC, in comes Premise 200SC

In December 2021 Lachlan withdrew the termiticide GLADIATOR 4TC (a Chlorpyrifos based product) from the market, partly due to pressure on organophosphate insecticides for their environmental and mammalian toxicity profile, but also due to the fact that over 75% of the branded Gladiator termiticide bottles sold in Kenya were fake, containing only paraffin and a dye, with zero active ingredient.

Gladiator had earlier been restricted to only non-indoor applications of fence post and termite mound treatment, but these limited applications became increasingly difficult to police.

Instead of continuing to defend and fight the criminal cartels distributing the fake Gladiator, Lachlan teamed with Bayer to re-launch PREMISE 200SC, a safe yet highly effective and long-lasting termiticide.

Premise 200SC Lachlan Kenya
Premise 200SC

Benefits of Premise 200SC

  • PREMISE 200SC is non-repellent (meaning termites cannot detect it and avoid contact), is odorless and no-volatile, enabling safe post-construction treatments without inhabitant evacuation.
  • PREMISE 200SC is registered for use in pre-construction & post-construction termite proofing treatments of buildings, roads and airport runways, for perimeter wall treatment and is used on termite mounds, for wood treatment and in forestry and lawns.
  • PREMISE 200SC is a water based formulation that is formulated to provide long term protection at extremely low doses.
  • In comparison, where 1 liter Gladiator is used to treat 10 square meter, only 60mls of PREMISE 200SC is neededin other words 1 liter of PREMISE 200SC will treat 160 square meters  so application volume and cost of termite proofing has come down!
  • As an indication of rates, mix 125mls of PREMISE 200SC in 100 liters water and apply this dilutant at 5 liters per linear (for perimeter wall) or square meter, to enable the treatment of 20 square meters.

Please read the attached brochure for further information, or call our Public Health representative Martin on 0745184090.

Purchase genuine Lachlan products including Premise 200SC from our online shop here. We deliver countrywide!



  1. Thanks for this valuable information. Of recent Gladiator has been ineffective, now I understand Thanks so much

  2. The only challenge I encountered is that the Premise isn’t available in most of the agrovets and hardware shops. I have tried within Machakos County without any success!!!

  3. Just what motive do the peddlers of fake product have in mind? It would more “acceptable” if theirs was not as affective as the genuine one.

    • Hi Noah. The fake product currently being circulated in the market as ‘Gladiator’ is leveraging on the brand name (Product and our company) that we took years to put into the market.

  4. Sprayed a lot of gladiator last September on my woods and construction sites but apparently am seeing some few ants still attacking my incomplete house.Just wish I had googled for this.

  5. What is the expected lifespan of a treated site, i.e how long will it take before the effect of the treatment is over

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