Galant Herbicide Lachlan


A selective systemic post-emergent emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses in broadleaf crops as indicated as well as a sugar cane ripener.

Product Details


Grass weeds that will normally be controlled

Dosage rateGrasses to be controlled
 Lolium temulentum – Ryegrass Phalaris canariensis -Canary grass
 Bromus japonicus -Brome grass Digitaria sanguinalis -Crab finger grass Eleusine indica – Indian goose grass Echninochloa colona -Marsh grass Urochloa panicoides -Herringbone grass
 Paspalum urvillei – Tall paspalum Paspalum paspalodes – Couch Paspalum


  • Use the higher rate for larger plant
  • Grass should be actively growing.
  • Do NOT apply to crops like: Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Millet ETC.

Use only as directed.


The compatibility of Gallant* Super with other herbicides is either not known or can have an adverse effect on efficacy where two herbicides have to be applied , they should be applied separately with at least a 14 days interval.


Half fill the spray tank with clean water. Add the required amount of Gallant Super. Agitate the water in the spray tank, while filling the spray tank the required level. Maintain agitation while spraying. Prepared mixture should not be left in the spray tank for any length of time e.g overnight. The addition of a wetter is not necessary.


Maize, sorghum, wheat or any other grass crop should not be planted in treated soil for a period of three months after application in the case of a failed broadleaf crop.


The crop may be treated at any time when the weeds are in the correct stage Weeds Grass must be actively growing and not under drought stress during application as this can limit uptake and translocation. For annual grasses best results are results are obtained when application is made at the early flowering stage. Rain or irrigation within one hour after application of Gallant Super may necessitate a second spray. Although the observable effect or spraying may not be seen for up to 2-3 weeks after spraying, Gallant Super does cause immediate cessation of cell division in the plant and therefore growth.


Ground application: Accurately calibrate spray equipment prior to application. Use flat fan nozzles to ensure uniform coverage of the weeds.
Use 200-300 litres to spray mixture per hectare overall application.


Do not mix with other chemicals .It is not necessary to add a wetter. Apply in 200-300 litres of water per hectare. For best results apply to annual grasses from early post emergence to 6 leaf stage and for paspalum spp. At the early flowering stage.
Re-growth may occur on well established paspalum spp which require a follow-up application.

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Use products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label.

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