DuraSOP Lachlan


DuraSOP contains protected Nitrogen and Phosphorus, with Magnesium, Sulphur, microelements and Potassium Sulphate

Product Details

DuraSOP is a high efficiency NPK granular fertilizers, Low in chlorine, with Magnesium, Sulfur and microelements.

Main characteristics
  • Complete and balanced fertiliser, with various NPK formulas that provide magnesium, sulphur and micronutrients along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • Contains slow-release nitrogen thanks to its DURANIT® technology, meaning nitrogen is available to crops during the initial periods (ammoniacal forms) and in the final stages (protected ureic forms).

Duranit Technology Lachlan

  • Variable concentrations of protected phosphorus, to prevent retrograding.
  • Fertiliser with potassium in sulphate form.
  • Includes magnesium, a mineral constituent of chlorophyll.
  • High sulphur content, which synergises with the nitrogen.
 Elite Lachlan1010172,2200,10,1
 Complex Lachlan205102,2150,10,1
Agronomic benefits
  • Slow-release nitrogen and protected phosphorus, available throughout the entire crop cycle. DURANIT® technology.
  • Greater utilisation of the fertiliser units provided, guaranteeing maximum levels of production.
NITROPOWER® technology.
DuraSOP Technology Lachlan
  • Adaptable to all types of agricultural soils, even those with salinity problems. SOP properties.
  • Optimum initial rooting followed by correct vegetative development. SOP properties.
  • Greater organoleptic qualities in the fruit. SOP properties.
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