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Lachlan, in collaboration with our breeders and suppliers, have tested and selected top cabbage varieties that enable farmers to grow commercial crops in most weather conditions in many parts of the country.

From screening over 20 varieties, Lachlan selected just four, namely Tropicana, Powerslam, Grandslam and Conquer. All these varieties have unique features that gives the farmer a choice of the variety that suits both the market and growing conditions. All these varieties have a tolerance to Black Rot (Black rot is a bacterial disease caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris, which is considered the worst disease of crucifer crops and against which there is no treatment) so can be safely planted in the wet and rainy weather. Other factors to consider are maturity period, taste, shelf life, head size & weight and altitude, all to meet demanding consumer preferences that differ across the country.

Highlighted below are some key characteristics of each of these varieties:


This has been a variety of choice to farmers in both low altitude locations such as Homabay County at 1,130 meters above sea level, as well as high altitude areas like Kinangop at 2,400 M ASL. Tropicana is an early maturing variety and is ready for harvest 65 to 75 days from transplant. Tropicana has perfect uniformity allowing more than 90% harvest in the first cut. Tropicana has very good resistance to most foliar diseases including Black Rot. To the consumers, Tropicana is sweet, tender cabbage making it a preferred cabbage for salads as well as steamed vegetables.

Below are some photos taken during our Tropicana farmers meetings.


Powerslam is a large, hardy, perfect-round, compact cabbage that matures between 70 and 90 days depending on temperature. It has excellent resistance to Black Rot and is truly an exceptional variety to grow in either hot or cold climates and in the rains and wet weather.

The growers have preferred this variety against all other traditional varieties due to its outstanding uniformity, its good shelf life and hardiness in transport. If you are looking for a cabbage to sell in long distant markets, Powerslam is the variety to go for. Brokers have comfortably transported this variety from the slopes of the Aberdare’s to Mombasa. They have witnessed that the cabbages arrive fresh in the market even after a lot of pressure while loading and adverse conditions during transportation. 

Still wondering, why the name Powerslam?? The variety is slamming all your cabbage challenges grower, seller to the consumer. Below is a hint on what a Powerslam is:

The big frame protects the heads very well against sunburn and wind damage. Powerslam matures between 70 and 90 days from transplant.

A ‘powerslam’ is a professional wrestling body slam move in which the wrestler performing the slam falls on top of the opponent. The use of the term “powerslam” usually refers to the front powerslam or the scoop powerslam.


Grandslam is an intermediate maturing variety. It is ready for harvest 75 to 90 days from transplant. Most of the growers prefer this variety due to its attractive head in terms of size, color, and shape. Grandslam gives a round, dark blueish-green head averaging 4 to 6kgs.

Just like our other varieties of cabbage, Grandslam has some tolerance to Black Rot and can be successfully grown during the rains and at high altitudes, having excellent cold tolerance.

This variety is known for its exceptional taste – making it a favorite amongst consumers.

Cabbage F1: Conquer

Conquer is an easy to grow, intermediate maturity hybrid that has exceptional field holding ability after maturity, withstanding cracking and bolting, enabling growers to negotiate for better prices instead of immediate selling. Heads have a deep blue-green color and an excellent flavor.  It is another favorite with hawkers due to the large plant, wrapper leaves, head size, sweet taste, and excellent shelf life. 

For more information on our cabbage varieties, talk to our seeds expert Peter on +254721528373 or email him


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